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Staff Listing

Staff Listing

Rev. Randall Patterson


Rev. Samuel Bellafiore

Associate Pastor

Mr. Willis Wolfe


Mr. Brian Lewis


Mr. Jerry Christiano


Ms. Nicole Gully

Office Manager

Mrs. Vici Armsby

Pastoral Associate For Faith Formation

Mrs. Rebecca Hanson

Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministry

Mrs. Amanda DeSalvatore

Digital Outreach Specialist

Ms. Marjorie Voytko

OLV Music Director

Mr. Tom Hardy


Mrs. Melissa McCann

Parish Accountant

Mrs. Annmarie James

Parish Nurse

Mrs. Filly Fitzgerald

OLV Early Childhood Program Pre-K4

Mrs. Debbie Clements

OLV Early Childhood Program Pre-K 3

Ms. Tiffany Crownover

OLV Early Childhood Program Pre-K 4