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Faith Formation - Grades 1-8

2022-2023 Faith Formation Theme: 

"This is my body given for you" Luke 22:19

Faith Formation for Grades 1, 3 – 8


The faith formation program we are using is called Gospel Weeklies. Pflaum’s Gospel Weeklies is a dynamic method of instruction that integrates faith formation lessons with the life of the parish community experienced in the Sunday Eucharist.  (Liturgical Catechesis).The content of the program flows from the Sunday Gospel. Our children learn, live and share their faith within the rhythms of the liturgical year: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time.


The whole family can easily share in the learning because all children are studying lessons based on the same Gospel proclaimed in church on Sunday.  You can gather all of your children at one time to share what they have learned and to talk about it as a family.


Because the Gospel Weeklies do not use a textbook, they are very appealing to young people and easy to use in class and at home.  Each child will receive a folder of the Gospel Weeklies lessons dated for each Sunday of the liturgical year and a “catechism handbook" called What the Church Believes and Teaches.  This folder will go home after each class  for parents to see and talk about the lesson with your children. In between scheduled classes, parents are able to review the weekly lessons at home, so learning is continual.  The folder is to be brought back to every scheduled lesson.


The Weeklies follow the three cycles of the Gospel reading, (Year A,B,C) at each Gr. level.

  • Promise (Gr.1 - Pre-Sacramental Prep) 
  • Good News for Children (Gr. 3) 
  • Venture (Gr.4, 5 & 6)
  • Visions (Gr.7 & 8)


*Children in Gr. 1 & 2 will be preparing for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in Grade 2.  Youth in Grade 9 &10 will be preparing  for the Sacrament of Confirmation in Grade 10. Please see SACRAMENTS TAB for more details.


There are many free resources designed for catechists and families including parent teaching Pages and weekly videos.   There are additional seasonal resources as well.  All of these can be found at pflaumweeklies.com.


For more information please contact Christen Bryce at 518-273-7602 ext 102 or email [email protected]

To register for faith formation:

Register online at the link below

Fill out your registration form and pay your tuition fees online through our WeShare site. 


Or register by simply download registration forms at the link below and mail to:

Our Lady of Victory

55 North Lake Avenue

Troy, NY, 12180

If registering by mail, remember to include the registration fee ($55 per up to 2 children| $45 per for 3 children | $35 per for 4 or more children).  If you have a child making a sacrament there will be an additional $25 Sacramental Prep fee.




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