...A community of joyful disciples knowing, loving, and serving God and each other.

Our Lady of Victory Church



To be welcome means you are invited  not by anything you have or have not done, but by God’s will to love you into existence.  By that will and grace we are all created in the image of God and see His face in your face.

You are a child of God.  

If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church, been searching for God, have felt hopeless or unwanted, have had no faith or are just wondering how you can do better in this life--if you have felt alone, unloved, without a home, without a family, if you have struggled, been marginalized, forgotten, or pushed aside--if you have been in the dark Christ offers you His light, Christ is the Light!

Regardless of where you are on life’s journey or in your spiritual life, we welcome you to join us as we live the two great commandments: To love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  “...Over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." Colossians 3:14



Our Lady of Victory Church and Our Lady of the Snow Mission is a community of joyful disciples knowing, loving, and serving God and each other.

“Are you troubled?  Think but of Jesus – speak but the name of Jesus, the clouds disperse and peace descends anew from heaven.  Have you fallen into sin? So that you fear death?  ..invoke the name of Jesus and you will soon feel life returning.  No obduracy of the soul, no weakness, no coldness of heart can resist this holy name – there is no heart which will not soften and open in tears at this holy name.”

St Bernard of Clairvaux – (1090-1153) – Doctor of the Church


Online Giving with WeShare

Please consider donating to the needs and work of Our Lady of Victory Mission Our Lady of the Snow. As we continue to work through the guidelines for keeping everyone safe it is now easier to give to our parish through WeShare Online Giving. The link below will take you directly to the website where you may give.
The link can also be found on the MyParish App the Giving Button on the dashboard Heart in Hand bring you to WeShare.
Thank you as always for your generous gift of time, talent, and treasure.

If you need assistance for Online Giving account please contact our Parish Office  at 
 518-273-7602 or email at [email protected]



Next Live Stream:

Sunday Mass - January 23, 2021 11:15 am ET

Current Live Stream:

Sunday Mass - January 16, 2021 11:15 am ET

Please refresh your page after the above time to allow for the video to load.  You may also watch this video live from our Facebook page Our Lady of Victory


COVID19 Update

Dear Parishioners,
As you know, on December 10, Governor Hochul announced a statewide mandate requiring face masks to be worn by everyone in all public places unless businesses or venues have implemented a COVID-19 vaccine requirement. Since a vaccine requirement would be impossible for churches to implement, I ask that all who attend our public Masses and other gatherings and gatherings in our parish remain compliant. Our Diocese has asked us to take this directive very seriously and to do all we can to ensure the safety of those who worship and gather with us. (Houses of worship are considered public spaces.)
Parish office staff and visitors will also be required to wear masks at all times except when eating, drinking or alone in an enclosed room. I am also asking parishioners to comply with our Bishop’s request at the beginning of the pandemic to receive Holy Communion in the hand at this time. Of course, no one will be made uncomfortable if they choose otherwise, but I do ask you to seriously consider foregoing the reception of the Eucharistic Lord on the tongue until this current resurgence ends. I realize this is difficult for some, but in light of the current escalation, this is a prudent way for us to receive Our Lord at this time.
All other safety protocols will be observed: the encouragement of social distancing and the use of hand sanitizer while in public. Like you, I pray daily for an end to the pandemic, and especially for those afflicted and those who care for them. We hold a special place in our prayers and hearts for families who have lost loved ones to this virus.
You are daily in my heart and prayers.
Fr. Tom


Office Hours

The Parish Office will be open:

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Please continue to follow all guidelines when entering the Parish Offices. Masks are required and we ask that you maintain social distancing measures. Thank You.

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