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 SACRAMENTS are experiences of God's Grace for the living.  Video's shared below explaining the sacraments are provided from Busted Halo.

           Baptism - When a family presents a child for Baptism, they are entering into an important relationship. They are deliberately choosing to live their life of faith in Christ and in the community of other believers called the Church. They are choosing to walk the journey of faith with others rather than alone. The family and the parish community enter into a partnership, each one having a part to play in “keeping the light of Christ burning brightly in the life of the child.” Please call the Parish Office to arrange for preparation and scheduling. 

        Reconciliation - After Baptism it is important that we continue to grow in our relationship with Christ and the Church. Our means of such growth is the celebration of God’s infinite mercy and love for us. In this sacrament we can experience the joy and peace of the risen Christ. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available at any time by request and is celebrated on Saturday afternoon from 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. 

For families with a child making his/her First Reconciliation contact Vici Armsby, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation for more information.  518-274-6269

Why do we need to confess our sins to a Priest on a regular basis??


  First Eucharist - Those families with a child or children interested in making his/her First Eucharist should contact Vici Armsby, Pastoral Associate For Faith Formation to register 515-274-6269.


The Eucharist explained courtesy of Sophia SketchPad!



FOR EVERYONE, courtesy of Busted Halo, a quick review on how to receive Eucharist.



  Homebound Eucharistic Calls - Please call the parish office with name and address and communion will be taken to the person on a regular basis.




1guo9pkblk2uw4qfxj6dsge26ul.jpgCONFIRMATION for Youth and Adults

Please call Mary Eaton at 273-7602 or [email protected] for more information.


2018 Confirmation Retreat


Why do I need to be confirmed? 

             Marriage - Marriage celebrates the joining of two individuals, created in God’s image, into a new creation. This new union of husband and  wife mirrors the covenant between Christ and His Church. Couples who wish to arrange for the celebration of their marriage at Our Lady of Victory are asked to contact the pastor at least one year before their projected wedding. Please secure the date and time with the parish before making arrangements for the reception. 


    Anointing of the Sick - If you are scheduled for surgery, you may be anointed prior to your hospital admission. This sacrament offers God’s healing grace to those who are ill, the aged and the infirm.  If you wish to be anointed, please make arrangements with Fr. Patterson when you attend Mass or call the parish office. 

 Anointing of the Sick is for anyone who has a prolonged or terminal illness, may be having surgery, or are experiencing health issues related to old age.  For more on the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, courtesy of Busted Halo, watch the video below. 



   Holy Orders - An ordained ministry of service within the church and the world, Holy Orders is celebrated by the Bishop and Diocese  seasonally. If you would like to explore whether God is calling you to share your life in Holy Orders, and you are a generous and loving member of the church, please talk to your parish priest or call the Vocations Office at (518) 453-6670. 



   Catholic Burial - For information please call Albany Diocesan Cemeteries Office at (518) 463-0134. 

Take a moment to watch the video below - Rituals with Meaning, Rituals that Heal - produced by the Albany Diocesan Cemeteries

The beauty and richness of the Catholic funeral rites can be very comforting for a family suffering the loss of a loved one. The Order of Christian Funerals starts the bereavement process for family and friends and help them express their grief.