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We're Looking for Future Catholics!

The program called the “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” was begun after the Vatican Council for the purpose of the education and formation of men and women who want to become Catholics. This parish-based program brings together inquirers of various religious backgrounds (or none) for regular meeting-sessions to answer their questions and to discuss the teaching, organization, spirituality and mission of our Catholic faith.  Gradual involvement in the life of the parish is also an important goal.  The RCIA team consists of the pastor of the parish and an RCIA team of catechists and formators who facilitate and assist in the process.    Over time, those aspiring to become Catholic, fulfill their goal of being received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. We’re about to begin the RCIA program here in OLV/OLS at this time.  I am asking all parishioners to urge those that might be interested in becoming Catholic to tell them about our RCIA program.  Encourage them to sign up and begin this wonderful process.  Many Catholics have non-Catholic spouses, co-workers or relatives who, at one time or other, have expressed interest in our faith.  Now is the time to tell them about our parish’s upcoming fall program. Remember that all the baptized are missionaries!  Sometimes, when a well-intended invitation comes from you, it means more than if it came from any priest, catechist or church official.  Your influence can counts!  Your encouragement may give someone a whole new lease on life. Please ask anyone interested in our program to contact the parish office to contact Fr. Tom or Fr. Nathaniel.


Please visit our RCIA page for more information:  RCIA at OLV



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