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God, I Have a Few Questions.

“God – I have a few questions!”

Don’t miss this conversation!

Our guest speaker was a management consultant for Fortune 500 Companies when he met “the Monk”…. They discussed, debated (argued?), and wrestled with God about many of life’s most important questions. The Monk was absolutely brilliant, a passionate communicator, and very human. Jonathan wanted answers. Why doesn’t God answer all (most? at least the most important few?) of my prayers? 

How generous am I really supposed to be?

Don’t all roads lead to Rome? Don’t all paths lead up the mountain? Aren’t all religions just like the blind men describing the elephant?

Isn’t it arrogant to claim that your way is THE way?

God supposedly spoke to so many people, but why don’t I hear him speaking today?

People tell me God has a plan… sometimes it certainly seems like it’s not a very good plan.

Bad things happen to the most amazing people. Why would God allow that?

Do I need a church to connect with God?

So many Christians are so far from perfect. If this is God’s religion, help me understand!


A LOT of questions...

And the Monk welcomed them.

Join us for a highly engaging and memorable evening:

“God, I have a few questions…”

Thursday 12/15 from 7:00-8:30pm

@ Our Lady of Victory in Troy

Jonathan Fanning was voted best speaker at a TEDx conference.  He is a Catholic author who speaks across the country and internationally for churches, conferences, and leadership training events.  He was a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies when he met "the Mondk" and they spent years discussing, debating (arguing?), and wrestling with God about many of life's questions.

To learn more visit: www.jonathanfanning.com/stwof



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