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Diocesan Youth Council


The DYC will consist of youth representatives those entering (Sophomore or Junior year of high school)  from each of the Seven Vicariates and Cultural Apostolates of the Diocese.  There will be at least 2 representatives and maximum of 3, from each vicariate.  Adult Mentors will also be recruited to assist with the Council.  Each Vicariate will select their Youth Representative from applications submitted. Number of rep’s (max 3) should represent some diversity in gender, cultural background, catholic schools, &/or other considerations.

The DYC will then fulfill their purpose:

  • To inspire young people to embrace their faith.
  • To advocate for teens across the Diocese and to help foster the personal growth of each young person in the Diocese.
  • To assist the Diocese’s Coordinator of Youth Ministry in support of local parish/vicariate and/or Diocesan development, implementation and evaluation of youth related events/activities geared to the young people of the Albany Diocese.


What are the responsiblities of a Youth Representative? 

  • Be a Disciple – by growing in faith through prayer and conversation.
  • Share your faith with others - through action, conversation and participation
  • Represent the youth of their respective vicariate and parishes in their particular vicariate.
  • Live Catholic values-in all aspects of life {including social media} 
  • Participation - To be active and involved in their own parish and vicariate activities (to include attending mass)  as well as any Diocesan related youth events/programs; To attend all DYC meetings and planning sessions.
  • Advocate - speak for the needs or concerns of young people within vicariate and diocese at any meeting, gathering or conversations.
  • Facilitate - to communicate and collaborate with other DYC representatives, RCDA Youth Ministry staff, volunteers and others, professionally and efficiently.  
  • Organize - to assist as necessary or needed in vicariate/diocesan youth programs/events; in planning, implementation and evaluation. 


Who can be a Youth Representative? 

Any young person {who is in sophomore or junior year of high school} and who will be able to serve for at least two-years on the DYC.  They must possess gifts and be a positive Christian role model to peers.  The Youth Representative must be able to speak to and lead groups of young people.  This young person should stay informed of the needs, issues and gifts of the young people of their region.  There will be sessions of the DYC that must be attended so the representative should be able to go to DYC meetings as scheduled & other leadership training sessions.  To be considered a DYC Youth Representative must complete and submit the application and necessary recommendation/references to David Stagliano, Diocesan Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry stagliad@rcda.org   



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