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Gr. 2 Today's Prep Session Mar 6

Hello Grade 2 Parents,

If you were absent or if would like to review today’s lesson with your child, below is Julianne and Rob’s lesson plan for today's class:  (Thank you Julianne and Rob!)

Here is what we did today: 

Today, we introduced how to receive Communion - how to walk to receive, how to hold our hands, and what to do once we receive it. We practiced walking as a class, and then discussed where this part of our faith comes from (the Last Supper)

We then watched two videos about the Last Supper and started coloring our final craft, which we will finish next week. 

The two videos were: 

Blessed video: Chapter 4 (Season 10), Video 5: The Last Supper (3 min) https://www.dynamiccatholic.com/plus/blessed/first-communion-10-5 html


The Last Supper Saddleback Kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SigoALSS1R8 (4 min)

Please contact me if you have any questions. Have a great week!


Thank you,Mary


Mary Eaton

Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry

Our Lady of Victory

Mission Our Lady of the Snow

[email protected]




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