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Gr. 1,3-8 April 23 Follow Up

Hello Gr. 1, 3-8 Families


Below is the lesson in your child/children’s folder to complete If your child/children were absent today or for review:

Gospel Weeklies Lesson: April 23, 2023 • 3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday Readings: Acts 2:14, 22–33; 1 Peter 1:17–21; Luke 24:13–35 @ https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/042323.cfm


Sunday Gospel Background When a stranger joins Cleopas and another disciple as they walk to Emmaus, his words rekindle their hope that Jesus might be the Messiah. The disciples discover that the stranger is Jesus when he blesses bread, breaks it, and gives it to them.


Grade level Parent Teaching pages and videos to use along with your child’s Gospel Weeklies can be found at:


First Gradehttps://www.pflaumweeklies.com/documents/2022-23/parent-teaching-guides/unit-4/english/promise/Promise-U4-L30-EN.pdf.

Good News:

Third Grade 30https://www.pflaumweeklies.com/documents/2022-23/parent-teaching-guides/unit-4/english/good-news/GoodNews-U4-L30-EN.pdf


Fourth – Sixth Grade-  https://www.pflaumweeklies.com/documents/2022-23/parent-teaching-guides/unit-4/english/venture/Venture-U4-L30-EN.pdf.


Seventh - Eighth Grade -https://www.pflaumweeklies.com/documents/2022-23/parent-teaching-guides/unit-4/english/visions/Visions-U4-L30-EN.pdf.


Next Sunday, April 30 is the final Home lesson!


Have a good week!



Mary Eaton

Interim Coordinator of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry

Our Lady of Victory

Mission Our Lady of the Snow




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