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Our Lady of Victory Church is Turning 100!

It’s Time to Celebrate Our 100th Birthday!

On October 9th we will celebrate 100 years as Our Lady of Victory Church.   Our celebration begins with Mass at 1:00 PM at OLV, 55 North Lake Ave, followed shortly after with a reception celebration at Franklin Terrace Ballroom at 126 Campbell Ave, Troy, NY.  Please join us for Mass, and if you can, join us for our 100th Anniversary reception by filling out the form below and returning it to our Parish Office ASAP, we will need to give a headcount to the ballroom and we really want to fill the tables for a grand anniversary!


Join us for Mass,

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Dear Parishioners, Sycaway residents and all in the vicinity of the City of Troy,

Very soon, we’ll be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of our parish.  On Sunday, October 9th, the celebration will begin with a special Mass in OLV followed by a sit-down dinner at the Franklin Terrace.  I’m looking forward to this great day and I hope many of our parishioners will be able to join us for Mass and the festivities on that day.

As far as I know, two other parishes in the diocese will also be celebrating their 100th anniversaries this year as well – St. Paul’s in Schenectady and St. Francis of Assisi Church in Northville.  I was pastor of St. Francis parish from 2006 to 2011.  I’ll be joining the current pastor  there, Fr. Jun Segura, and the parishioners there next week for their observance of their great beginning.

As you know, the Catholic world is very different today than in 1922.  Still smarting from the devastation of World War I, immigrants from Europe were flocking to America after the war, bringing their Catholic faith with them.  They quickly petitioned the Bishop of Albany to build new churches—and ethnic churches -- so that they would feel at home in practicing the Faith in this new world.  Starting new families, they wanted their children to go to Catholic schools which were growing as fast as the swelling population.  I can imagine the stress on the bishop at that time, Edmund Gibbons.  He was under a great deal of pressure to provide his burgeoning Catholic flock with all that they needed.  I’ve heard countless stories about the generosity of immigrants back then, many making great monetary sacrifices to build not only more churches but magnificently beautiful churches, all to the glory of God.

At OLV, we’re currently in the process of printing a new “One Hundred Year History of Our Lady of Victory Church” which will be distributed to parishioners during our upcoming centennial celebration.  This history recounts the humble beginnings of OLV and it tells a marvelous story of our growth over this last century and the dedication of countless parishioners to this parish over ten decades.  I can’t wait until you get a copy of it.  You’ll find “the OLV story” fascinating and inspiring, a testament to what God’s people can achieve with God’s help and with their own determination to practice Catholic faith and, to spread it.

Though times are very different now (we live in a radically secular culture), OLV continues to survive and thrive.  Many of our current parishioners are the children of our founding fathers and mothers.  Others have joined us in different ways.  Whatever origin, the faith of our parishioners is strong and our gratitude is deep for all that was, all that is, and all that will be.  Let’s join together shortly to celebrate the incredible story of Our Lady of Victory Church, Sycaway.


Fr. Tom Morrette




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