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Celebrating our 100th Anniversary!

Our 100th Anniversary

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Our Lady of Victory parish.  How much has changed over the years here!   Starting from a modest church built on historical land once owned by the Dutch, we’ve now grown into a modern and expansive Catholic community!




I have asked Jack Gallagher, a longtime parishioner, Phyllis Raymond, a new parishioner; and Pam Wobrock who worked on the 75th anniversary celebration, to act as Co-Chairs of a Sub-Committee of the Pastoral Council to put together the program for this future celebration.  Jack, Phyllis and Pam will need the help of many parishioners to make this event the success we hope it to be.  If you can help, please contact one of them and let them know about your interest.  I’m also going to ask the Committee to consider putting together a new parish directory which will include the photographs of all who worship here at OLV and OLS, all who make up this wonderful community to which we all belong. So, please think about helping us plan for our 100th anniversary!  We need your ideas, your experience and your collaboration. 

Let’s make this 100th anniversary an event to be proud of and to remember!







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