Good Friday 2018

GOOD FRIDAY - Fr. Randall P. Patterson

The cross has a prominent place in the liturgy of Good Friday. The cross is - perhaps - the central devotion of Christian spirituality. If we could point to any one symbol – that captures everything Jesus said and did – it would be the crucifix. The cross contains all kinds of meanings:

            It says a great deal about humanity and about God;

            It says a great deal about love and hate;

            It says much about sin and grace.

It is as though all the parables Jesus told, along with the healings and his discourses in the Gospels collapsed into the cross and Christian thinkers have spent centuries drawing that meaning out.

We bring our own meaning to the cross as well. Shortly – we will have an opportunity to adore the cross of Jesus. The cross is the precious instrument whereby God has chosen to redeem the world. When we adore the cross in word or gesture – we unite ourselves with the cross of Christ.

And mindful of the cross(es) we carry in life – we unite them with that of Jesus. They too are precious – because they are the chosen instruments whereby God has chosen to redeem you and me. We may not understand those crosses now – we may wish we had another cross – but we don’t. This is our cross – therefore – we embrace it and carry it - in faith – as best we can – because God is working out our salvation in and though it.